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Good TO the environment and Good FOR it!

At Special Organic Soils I care for nature and the environment that is why I have chosen to work with it, therefore I take care with every thing I do. I like my work therefore take pride in it.

 The large area mowing service I provide is suitable for large areas, not for ordinary house lawns. I cut the grass to the most suitable height, neither too short or too long. Because the compact tractor I use for mowing, has 3 point hitch, I can mount other implements and do other chores. See Small Tractor service in Miscellaneous.

When I make the compost, I go to a lot of trouble. I use the right combination of materials as feedstock to achieve the right balance in the finished product. The product is made to have a medium to long-term benefit for soil restoration.

So take a look around my web site and see what I offer then contact me. I endeavor always to provide honest information based on only what I know at the time. My aim is always to supply a satisfactory product within the means to provide that product at the time. I would welcome any written Expressions of Interest from people of what they need in a large area mowing service. Would they (customers) come to a Farmer's Market to buy my compost in bags; and what size bags - 25 Litre or 40 Litre.

Would they (customers) like bulbs that have been grown in compost available at the Farmer's Markets. Would customers like the bulbs ready grown in wall-planters, pots or buy them in loose quantity. 

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Here is a map of our location.

Kwality Garden Compost
Kwality Organic Compost
All compost has been;
Aerobically Composted.
Regularly Turned.
Cured for three months.
p.H. of 6.5 to suit most plants.
Organically produced.
And no Chemicals are used!
Ideal for;
Restoring tired soil in gardens.
Topping up present garden bed.
Potting soils in tubs.
Available in 40 Litre Bags.
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Offering a Mowing Service, Compost, Bulbs and Wall Hangers.

For Enquiries:
Contact Laurie Scott at;

Special Organic Soils

118 Heath Lane
Clarkefield, (AKA Clarkfield)
Victoria 3430
(03) 5428 5404

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