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Laurie has worked with the earth for many years including fourteen years maintaining the grounds at, two different Melbourne Airports, Tullamarine (now called Melbourne Airport) & Moorabbin.

In 1993 he received a Statement of attainment for competencies he achieved in horticulture and, in 1999 he completed a Quality In Composting Workshop with the Institute for horticultural development, Agriculture Victoria.Arrow

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Laurie spent many years developing the recipe and procedures, through trial and error, to create Kwality Garden Compost for his own use. After receiving official training and qualifications in the field he added some finishing touches and made it available to the public.

No matter what work Laurie has been engaged to perform the word conscientious has always been used to describe him because that is what Laurie is – conscientious.

J. Anderson of the Macedon Region Water Authority for example, described Laurie as a punctual, “Willing and conscientious worker”.

According to R.J. Lewis of SkillShare in Broadmeadows, Laurie was “a good worker who was enthusiastic and conscientious in his approach to any task.” Mr Lewis also said of Laurie that he was “motivated to work” and “His ability to understand and use materials and tools” was “above average”.

If you are looking for someone you can trust to mow your grass or supply you with the best organic compost available you can’t go wrong if you choose Laurie Scott.

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Offering a Mowing Service, Compost, Bulbs and Wall Hangers.

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