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Special Organic Soils will be returning to growing bulbs and rhizomes. Nominally bulbs or rhizomes that are water hardy and/or suitable for container growing. It will take some time to build-up some stock in some varieties.Arrow

Arrow Growing Bulbs

With the present water situation, Special Organic Soils believes vertical gardening will be the coming trend, particular with the type of Wall-planters & Window Boxes now available on the market. People in units with balconies or small yards, can still have their garden and not requiring a lot of water. With the right select variety of any bulb in a wall-planter could turn a dull fence or brick wall into a feature.

Bulbs like freesia, ixia, babiana, sparaxis, leucojums, muscari can all be grown in wall-planters or hanging bowls. Rhizomes like dwarf beard iris are excellent in wall-planters or hanging bowls and 1 watering per week will keep them going.

The compost that Special Organic Soils makes, is suitable for most of the bulbs available on the market and in fact the compost is used for the on-growing of bulbs or rhizomes to build up stock.

All bulbs or rhizomes will be ready growing in container of some form or other and sold at flowering stage or near too.

Special Organic Soils uses Envisions Products, of Bayswater Vic. wall - planters and hanging bowls for their quality strength, they are not the cheapest on the market, but found to be of good quality. We use Trenton Cottage Bulbs Pty Ltd, of Leopold Vic. for their reliable stock for on-growing of future stock.

It is the objective aim of Special Organic Soils to supply/market good quality produce to customers, how-ever as we have no control over conditions after point-of-sale, we cannot guarantee the life of the plant. We will how-ever try to help the customer with any problem.

Tulips, Dutch Iris, Gladioli and Xmas lilies have been deleted as a line, because they have a short flowering time and they have to be lifted each year, also they need water.

Grow Bulbs, they recycle carbon into oxygen and grow recycle-able material for making compost, to put goodness back into soil.




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