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The proprietor of Special Organic Soils started to make compost as a base material for the making of medium (potting mix), so that’s how the business name started; S.O.S. for Save Our Soil.

So with some years of research and experiment trial, the proprietor achieved a process to make compost, in doing so – it was realized there was a potential to market good quality garden compost available in bags.

    Organic Garden Compost for Soils

In the mid 1990’s to 1999, the creation and development of Eco-recycle and their aim to clean-up the cowboys in the composting industry, the proprietor saw the opportunity to move with Eco-recycle, so the proprietor attended the Eco-recycle sponsored workshops at Knoxfield and gained the certificate in Attainment in Quality in Composting.

To demonstrate the quality of the compost, we began to grow plants in the compost, using polystyrene boxes as containers. Types of plants; Bearded Iris, Tulip, Dutch Iris, Salvia, Roses.

Organic Garden CompostOnly organic based materials are used, no chemicals or industrial waste are used. The aerobic method (using air) is used, so regular turning is required. Gypsum is used for cation exchange and it is neutral p.H. Horse manure is used for its low phosphorus level, so the compost can be used to grow Australian Natives of any variety.

The compost is not only turned to let the air in, but also to make sure all the material goes through the heat stage-to kill all harmfull bacteria and fungi.

The compost is cured for 3 months to ensure stability, but to also allow the compost to create its own anti-biosis, this minimizes the potential for the development of phytoxicity as this is poisonous to plants, after curing it is screened to remove the course trash.

The proprietor endeavors to keep the p.H level at 6.5 so it is suitable to most plants.

The main materials as feedstock used are; Woodshavings, straw, pine needles, lawn clippings, gum leaves & bark, horse manure, gypsum, fish emulsion.

Organic Garden Compost

Two objectives were aimed at;

  1. The compost was to have medium to long-term benefit for soil restoration.
  2. When the compost was used for growing material, it had a cradle to grave benefit that; when growing was finished in the pot, the compost could be thrown on the garden or lawn.

Organic Garden Compost Bags   Organic Garden Compost


Information and Specifications sheet.

Kwality Garden Compost  



All compost has been;
Aerobically Composted.
Regularly Turned.
Cured for three months.
p.H. of 6.5 to suit most plants.
Organically produced.
And no Chemicals are used!
Ideal for;
Restoring tired soil in gardens.
Topping up present garden bed.
Potting soils in tubs.
Top dressing lawn/grass areas
            Available in 40 litre bags
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