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Information Sheet – For Mowing Work

How you the customer can help your-self reduce or minimise the cost of your mowing job.

The aim! To minimise any un-necessary hold-up time, anything slowing the mower up is time consuming, this applies to any mower contractor - big or small machines, most mowing contractors want to move along at the best pace they can and yet leave the best job they can!

From time to time the mowing contractor has to travel slow because;

  a] the machine has to travel at a pace to allow the mowing blades to cut the grass. One cannot eat lettuce any faster than one can swallow the lettuce-any mowing machine is the same.

  b] if the mowing work is being done on a hill or slope, the machine must travel slower because any fast sudden movement is the fast way to turn a machine over on its side - particuarly on any slope over 10% grade.Arrow

Turn grass into lawn with my Kubota.


Arrow Mowing Service


Help the mower contractor help you!

  1. Know exactly what area and how much area you want mowed. You cannot ask the mower contractor to put back the grass because you changed your mind.
  2. Is the area free of rubbish-stones/bricks, wire, bottles, plastic waste, wood & etc. Any Junk! 
  3. It is better you pick-up the rubbish, rather than paying for the time for the mower driver to do it.
  4. Is the area level - no pot holes, dips or bumps, gutters/drains, concrete or rock in the ground, just rough ground, the mower contractor will go slower, so the machine doesn’t get shaken to bits and themselves too!. Is the area/ground on an inclining steep slope. Dangerous-mower must travel slower.
  5. Obstacles – trees (low branches), garden beds (border edges), washing lines, parked cars, kids playground equipment, toys, garden hoses. Steel spikes or alike in the ground! These all take time to mow around or be picked-up, if it can be moved-best you do it. Think about the mower when you plant trees and bushes.
  6. Grass -
    1. How dense is the grass?, what can be deceiving, the high grass can be dry, but if there’s green undergrowth-this is very hard on any mower because it is trying to cut 2 lots of grass at once, therefore the mower has to travel slower
    2. How high is the grass; grass 10cm » or more will slow the mower down, the high grass can be cut, but it just takes time to do it.
  7. How damp is the grass?, and not just from rain!, fog in mountain country, frost or heavy dew, this can have a great effect on any machine, hard workmower must travel slower.
  8. Choose the right contractor with the right machine. A large ride-on mower is made to cut large areas ¾ acre or more, it not intended to cut ordinary house lawns; but do-not expect a ride-on mower 75cm to 90cm width to mow 2 or 3 acres easy or economically.

The machine Special Organic Soils uses for Larger Area Mowing is a 1.5m (5ft) wide cut mower, with the right level conditions it will mow grass to a lawn-like condition, I keep the blades in good repair for good mowing.

Grow Grass – It Recycles Carbon into Oxygen

Will service the following Areas

  • Clarkefield/Fenton Hill 
  • Sunbury/Wildwood
  • Woodend/Hesket
  • Diggers Rest/Bulla
  • Yuroke/Mickleham
  • Oaklands Junction/Greenvale 
  • Craigieburn/Beverigde
  • Romsey/Kerrie
  • Bullengarook/Toolern Vale 
  • Hopetoun Park 
  • Gisborne to Bacchus Marsh 
  • New Gisborne/Baringo
  • Gisborne South to Melton 
  • Macedon
  • Riddells Creek/Ckeroke
  • Kyneton/Tylden
  • Wallan/Darraweit Guim
  • Bolinda/Monegetta/Chintin


I will travel to other areas

Ask about the COMPOST too! By the Makers of "Kwality" Garden Compost.

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