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Organic Gardening is about putting the good and keeping the good into the soil as well as getting the best out of the soil. Eating healthy food from the healthy soil you grew the food in, will give you the greatest pleasure. It will not necessarily taste much better, but knowing a chemist shop didn't come with the food will give a greater pleasure. 

Organic growing isn't easy, it has its drawbacks, but we survived for centuries, but we got hungary for profit and everything had to be perfect in that little box > so the price of progress!

 My aim here is to explain the basics in laymens language, I am not a scientist or technician, there are so many books to explain how to plant seed and when, I will do my best to explain soil and how to work it. Main details about composting are in the compost pages on this site.Arrow



In the next few pages, I hope to explain in simple terms how I would grow any produce organically. Nothing can be 100% organic, because some things organic are chemical in element, because everything in human life evolves around atoms. It could take you 12 months or years to become organic, the first thing is to start a compost system Oh! being organic means some physical work; if you don't like physical work and if you haven't got the time might be easier to buy it!. Next get rid of your artificial stuff - sensibly of course!, then map out where you want your garden.Chop any weeds away, put weeds in the rubbish bin, any good grass - dig it in or compost it.

When you map out your area, think about sunlight, wind, drainage, rain, pets > these five have the main compound effect on plant growing and success

If you haven't got the room on the ground, think about vertical gardening, (see my Wallplanter Page) turn your ugly garage wall(particularly brick) or fence into a feature and bear the fruit of it. But think of the above points.

You don't need a green thumb to grow your own vegetables, but there are things to know that make a better success Most vegetables grow from seeds. Most seed packets have the information for the right growing conditions, but different regions have varying seasons.

The other pages in the organic growing, will continue to give the on-going information you need.



                                            Grow Plants, they recycle Carbon into Oxygen




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