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                               SMALL TRACTOR SERVICE                          


  Are you a hobby farmer or someone with small acres?

Do you need slashing or ploughing of firebreaks? and the bigger tractors can't get in! 

 Is your average size gate to the paddocks > 1.8 metres or less? 

Have you a grass area, needing levelling off, the ground is just rough for the RIDE-ON mower.                                                                                                                                                              

Have you got chores that need doing, but the jobs are too small for the bigger tractors, but it's too hard for the quad bike? and you've only got the weekends to do those chores.

How about a small tractor service?, that can do the chores the quad bike & ride-on can't do! and the tractor and implements can go through your narrow gates - wow!  




 Laurie has a compact tractor, it is diesel powered so it is more economical than a fergie tractor, it has 3 point hitch to mount implements; like a slasher, plough, harrows and grader. It is 4WD, so a little hillside won't matter, But it's not a mountain goat !!

Do you have horse paddocks needing the horse manure breaking-up with harrows, is the ground a bit hard - maybe you need the ripper through before the rotary hoe and my tractor can do rotary hoeing. Are the weeds growing up against the fence line, cut the weeds away with the grader. It saves poisoning the ground!!  If you have a grass area needing smoothing off, I can grade it. Do you need fertilizer or seed spread, we can mount the small spreader on this tractor. If you are into Organics, a compact tractor isn't heavy, it won't compact your dirt as much. A compact tractor is bigger than a large ride-on, but smaller than any fergie tractor, very handy little machines - they can do a variety of chores within reason, but they're not bulldozers!!.

         A picture of my compact tractor can be seen, with my mower on the large area mowing page.

If you are thinking about buying a compact tractor, beware not just the purchase cost > but the ongoing cost! > mainteance and repairs > parts & labour. You should get an operator's manual with the tractor > READ IT before you touch the tractor, identify yourself with all the functions of the machine. Understand its limitations!!. > If need be, ask the dealer to explain things to you, don't be afraid to be a novice!.

Remember it is a machine meant for work, not a toy to play with, don't worry about the mod-cons; you won't need them! YOUR SAFETY and EVERYONE ELSE'S SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT!

By all means, buy your machine, buy the one most suitable to your needs > you don't buy a sledgehammer to drive a tack > but don't expect a tack hammer to do the job of a sledgehammer, machinery is the same. If you are only going to use the machine once a month > get a contractor in. If you're going to use it twice a week, a sub-compact tractor with suitable implements will do the job. If you're going to use the machine six times a week, then a compact tractor (20-25HP) & suitable implements. My point; does the need warrant the expense, if not - the contractor is a lot cheaper. But shop around for the suitable contractor!

Without being a tractor salesman > Look at John Deere and Kubota, they are the most rugged built compact tractor for Australian conditions. I have a Kubota B1750


                            Enquiries or Expressions of Interest are very welcome

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