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Have you got a small front yard or a small backyard and you would like a garden, but you haven't got the room! Would you like to do a bit of organic gardening, have you thought about container growing?                                 

Have you got an ugly brick wall to stare at? Or a scruffy fence looking at you?

Well, what about turning these eye-sores into a feature by using vertical gardening - yeah! Try wall-planters or hanging bowls, grow a mix of flowers and herbs, may be even certain vegies or fruit; strawberries - hey! 

Let your your imagination run wild - WOW  See below for more detail




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Got A Small Yard

Have you thought about hanging your garden on a wall using wall-planters or from the pergola using hanging bowls. Known as vertical gardening. Have you thought about Organic Gardening in container form using wall-planters. Grow  all your herbs on a wall or a fence, make a feature out of a dull brick wall, with a mix of bulb flowers and herb or vegie growing.

There is a great range of products available now through Envisions Products of Bayswater Vic,                   

Wall-planters ranging from 23cm to 48cm. Hanging Bowls 27cm & 37cm. Envisions even have stands to mount the wall-planters, we are using concrete mesh to hang them using hooks.Tech screws are available from hardware stores to mount the wall-planters to wood.

Make sure a wall or fence structure is strong to carry the weight of the bigger wall-planters, with the soil allowing for water saturation. Make sure brick masonry is stable to take fixing into. Example; 38cm wall-planter with dirt/moisture is approx 15 Kg.The same point applies to pergola or roof structure for hanging large bowls.

Bear in mind good quality wall-planters are not cheap in price, but with care they will last much longer.

A great variety of bulbs can be grown in these vessels, but also mini roses, mini azaleas can be grown in the medium to large size wall-planters. Grow your herbs in these wall-planters!

Possibly Gladioli & Tall beard Iris could be grown in the largest wall-planter, there are even post and corner planters available now - so stretch your imagination.

Depending on application or situation, watering could be spread to once a week, possibly a drip system could be set-up.

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Arrow Have your Garden on a Wall!

Arrow Use Wall Hangers – Various Sizes Available.

Arrow Grow Bulbs, Azaleas, Mini Roses,Orchids,Cacti, Herbs & spices

Arrow Turn a Dull Wall or a Fence into a Feature!

Arrow Use Less Water!

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