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Kwality Organic Compost Information & Specifications

Good TO the environment and Good FOR it!

Kwality Garden Compost is made using the aerobic method to obtain the thermophilic temperature required to kill off pathogens and weed seeds.

It is turned regularly so all parts of the compost heap undergo the heat stage of the compost process.

Actual process time averages eight weeks and it is then screened before undergoing curing for four months.

After completion of the curing stage the compost is screened, again, through 25mm (1 inch) square mesh before being bagged and sold.

This compost is designed to be suitable for use as a soil conditioner in addition to use as a preparation for growing mediums.

    Organic Garden Compost for Soils

Use of KWALITY GARDEN compost as A soil conditioner

Organic Garden CompostIn sandy soils it is recommended to spread this compost to a depth of 5cm every two years.

For loam type soils use add this compost to a depth of 25mm (1 inch) every two years.

Heavy clay soil needs a 12 mm (½ inch) layer of the compost added every three years.

Kwality Garden Compost contains an abundance of both major and minor elements.

It is suggested that only organic based fertilizers be used with this compost.

The ideal method for adding this compost to your garden is to spread the compost and leave it. This allows worm activity to draw the compost, and any fertilizer, down into the soil. If you dig the compost in you increase the possibility of excessive amounts of nitrogen being drawn down into the soil.

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Kwality Garden Compost  



All compost has been;
Aerobically Composted.
Regularly Turned.
Cured for three months.
p.H. of 6.5 to suit most plants.
Organically produced.
And no Chemicals are used!
Ideal for;
Restoring tired soil in gardens.
Topping up present garden bed.
Potting soils in tubs.
Top dressing lawn/grass areas
            Available in 40 litre bags
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