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                                           Large Area Mowing Service

      Do you have a large area of grass you want mown and would you like this grass area mown regularly

         -once a month, once quarterly, twice 'A' year, once a year

       Would you like a better cut to your large grass area than what the ordinary RIDE-ON mower gives!

       Is the grass area on a hill or steep slope? Too steep for the ordinary RIDE-ON ?

       Is your ride-on mower getting puffed-out mowing that heavy grass over a large area? 

       Is your ride-on mower getting shaken to bits trying to mow over ground it wasn't meant to?

       Could you use someone with a compact tractor to access through that narrow gate?

       Is cost a big worry? , but is it worth buying and running your own RIDE-ON !


                                      If you said yes to these questions, then you want Laurie.

Laurie has a compact tractor with a mid-mount mower that cuts 1.5 metre wide.                                         

The tractor is 4WD, so a hillside is no problem, (only I may have to go a little slower, that's all!) It is a tractor built to do rough work (to a limit,all machinery has a limit, big or small machines).

Because of its size, it is too large to mow small plots. But larger areas > 1500 to 10,000 square metres (small acres). Below are examples of mowing areas my tractor/mower can do, but please make inquiries. Do you have trouble getting someone to do large area mowing in your area? > I service the areas listed below, but I will travel to other areas!.

Example; Vacant house blocks, large estate lawns, large nature strips or driveways, commercial empty blocks,  sports grounds,landing strips(a/craft), fire break.

             Different conditions affect the time to do a job, therefore I recommend you read my information sheet.

                                      WHY USE THIS LARGE AREA MOWING SERVICE

1] My tractor is diesel powered, so it is more efficient and economical to handle heavy conditions over a large area compared to the average sized petrol powered RIDE-ON MOWER.  

2] Because this tractor has a 1.5 metre wide mower deck, it covers a broad area and because there are 3 blades, the mower will cut the grass more evenly. A SUPA cut!

3] Is it really worth you owning a RIDE-ON mower (see my RIDE-ON MOWER page), How often do you use it? Just in the spring season & summer, then 3 times through winter!

4] I can access any gate-way 1.8 metre wide, WOW!

5] Cost ? I charge by the hour or by the square metre. Please make inquiries!





                                        Keep growing grass, It recycles carbon into oxygen. Arrow

Turn grass into lawn with my Kubota.

Arrow Grass Mowing Service

Grass Mowing


  • Heavy Duty, Ride-On, Tractor Mower
  • Front Loader Attachment
  • Clears House Blocks
  • Large grass or lawn Areas
  • Commercial Sites and similar

Grass Mowing Machine   Grass Mowing Machine Side   Front Loader Attachment   Material Collection System

Will service the following Areas

  • Clarkefield
  • Sunbury/Wildwood/Bulla
  • Mickleham/Yuroke
  • Diggers Rest/Toolernvale
  • Greenvale/Oaklands Junction
  • Craigieburn
  • Romsey/Kerrie/Hesket



  • Gisborne/Bullengarook
  • New Gisborne/Barringo
  • Macedon/Woodend/Kyneton
  • Asbourne/Trentham 
  • Bolinda/Monegetta/Chintin
  •  Darraweit Guim/Wallan 

  Ask about the COMPOST too! By the Makers of "Kwality" Garden Compost.

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